My Jouney Is Oceans Of Stars...

The dirt and dust from my pilgrimage forms oceans of stars...

What is purpose of all this?


These are lists of all files in this web hosting: 

You may send me whatever comment you like. However, I should warn you that your communication with me might be published without your notice, even though your privacy would be protected by using all alias instead of your true identity. Here we GO my email: nickhuang99 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am using my own version of "wget" with these options: -nd -p --clobber --convert-links -r
This is my c++ reference mirror which I use my own little version of wget downloaded(pirated) from official web size: One big "good" excuse of doing so is because my static web hosting must be very cheap and fast so that I can use it myself as the official website sometimes is quite slow. (bull*it)
This is the Linux Man Page which I pirated from
This is the w3c school which I pirated from
For some reason I download a snapshot of Chinese national defense equipment bidding web site:全军武器装备采购信息网